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Botox® has been used safely by physicians for over 25 years. The overall effect of Botox® is a restored and softened appearance. With Dr. Kenet’s advanced training and attention to detail, customized for your desired look, the final result will be natural and pleasing.

Botox® works by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles in the overlying skin. It improves frown lines, crow’s feet and is used to subtlely lift the tip of the nose and corners of the mouth. In certain cases, Botox® can be used to improve the appearance of “laugh lines,” the folds in the area between the nose and lips. Dr. Kenet also uses Botox to reduce the appearance of a sagging neck.


Botox® Brow Lift
Dr. Kenet specializes in the Botox® Brow Lift. Careful administration of Botox® can shape and elevate the eyebrows, thereby opening the eyes. The results are somewhat comparable to an upper face lift.

How is Botox® Administered?
Dr. Kenet inserts a fine-gauge needle to inject Botox into the skin and muscle.

“It’s important to me that all treatments are done gently,” says Dr. Kenet. “I employ techniques during the procedure to reduce discomfort.”

Who is a Candidate?
People who are looking for an effective, natural, safe treatment for the reduction of lines and wrinkles around the face are good candidates. The results of Botox last four to five months, depending on the individual. Many patients find longer lasting results with repeated treatments.

Patients who are considering Botox should not take aspirin or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID), such as Motrin or Advil, for one week before treatment to reduce the chance of bruising.

A welcome side effect of Botox for some patients is the reduction or disappearance of “tension headaches.”