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Patient Testimonials

Perfection. I left with absolutely no visible bruising & went about my business. Even my husband doesn't notice. Well maybe he would be the last to notice... I was not self conscious at all, Dr. Kenet has "it". He sees how a face should look. A better you is his goal not contrived doctored manipulated version of you. I actually think I look this good - naturally. Dr. Kenet is professional, smart, informed, prompt and genial.- Lyn P.

Sara Bengur

I absolutely could not live without Dr. Kenet's Power Wash for my face!! It has done wonders for my face.. Amazing to have a top dermatologist making skincare products! So grateful to him and all is knowledge:-)


Dr. Kenet's office is beautiful, his staff is both professional and warm. I trust Dr. Kenet to take care of any medical needs that may arise for myself or my children. He is a wonderful doctor and has helped me maintain a young appearance with healthy skin. - Christine C.

I was so happy to find Dr. Kenet. he performed liposuction on my belly. Virtually painless, quick recovery and great results. I was treated with courtesy and respect by the staff. Also, Dr. K knows the very latest in all aspect of skin care.- Catherine G.

Everyone was nice from the moment I came in the office. Dr. Kenet is very kind and spent lots of time with me to explain my options. Great place! - Stacy C.

Dr. Kenet is an incredibly competent, professional and also organized and caring doctor. He has an easy and comfortable "bedside manner" and is concerned about treating the exact problem correctly. Of all the physicians I see, Dr. Kenet is the best!- Karl F.

Dr. Kenet is a perfectionist. He take his time with his patients, works thoughtfully and ensures that you leave his office looking your best. His approach to Botox and fillers is a conservative one so you have a soft, natural and younger look.- Anne-Marie P.